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Birch Braided ElasticBirch Braided Elastic
Birch Millinery ElasticBirch Millinery Elastic
Birch Trouser Zip 18cmBirch Trouser Zip 18cm
Birch Millinery Elastic
Birch Fray Stop Glue
Birch Magnetic Pin Cushion
Birch Quick Unpic Seam RipperBirch Quick Unpic Seam Ripper
Birch Thread Snip (127nn)
Birch Water Erasable Pen
Birch D RingsBirch D Rings
Birch BodkinBirch Bodkin
Birch Knit Fixer
Birch Tailor's Awl Plastic Handle
Birch Sewing & Knitting GaugeBirch Sewing & Knitting Gauge
Birch Pom Pom Maker
Birch Plastic Knitting NeedlesBirch Plastic Knitting Needles
Birch Eezy Fabric Comb
Birch Eyelet Kits with Tool
Birch Jean ButtonsBirch Jean Buttons
Birch Snap Fasteners (15mm, 4 Pack)

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