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Birch BodkinBirch Bodkin
Birch Stitch HolderBirch Stitch Holder
Birch Pinch & Pull Bodkin
Birch Wedding and Lace Pins
Birch Safety Pins (22mm)
Birch Nappy Pins White (3 Pack)
Birch Berry PinsBirch Berry Pins
Birch Glass Berry Pins
Birch No Melt Pins
Birch Quilting Pins
Birch Needle Threader (3 Pack)Birch Needle Threader (3 Pack)
Schmetz Universal Needle (Various Sizes)Schmetz Universal Needle (Various Sizes)
Schmetz CD Microtex Needle- 60/80
Schmetz CD Jeans Needle- 90/14
Birch Magnetic Pin Cushion
Birch Snag Repair Needle
Birch Split Ring Markers
Birch Yarn Threader (2 Pack)
Birch Needle Threader Looped (6 Pack)
Birch Knit Fixer

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